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All qualified Fourways plumbers are, affiliated with IOPSA and PIRB. If they are not, that means they are not real plumbers. There are many South African citizens who care about whom they hire. They take pride in their homes and businesses. Wanting work to get done right with a warranty. But there are some citizens that do not care who they hire as long as the job gets done. Forgetting that they did not do their homework and check references. On the plumber they have hired. Many people think that anyone who says they are a plumber can diagnose and fix a plumbing issue. It is cheaper to pick someone off the internet. Without taking the time to check if they are a registered company or a qualified plumber. Better yet, drive out of a building supply company and ask someone with a board saying "plumber." Turn that board around, and it will read "carpenter." Knowledge is key, so when a client contacts a qualified plumber. Explaining what plumbing issues they are experiencing. F

The plumber should 90% of the time be able to know what the issues are before seeing the problem. Many plumbers lack the knowledge and know-how. To cause major problems on their clients' properties.

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Example: We got called out to check a 150-liter geyser, not expecting it to be a newly installed geyser 3 days old. We asked the client who did the installation for him, and his response was a plumber outside Builders. The geyser installation got done incorrectly. This geyser installation could have caused major damage and even fatalities. The manufacturer did not replace the geyser even though the client tried his best to claim it. But eventually he had to pay for a new geyser, including installation.

New Geyser Installations

New geyser installations on a new build should get installed correctly. The contractor or plumber should issue a Certificate of Compliance through PIRB. The certificate of compliance should then get handed over to the insurance company. That will be insuring the newly built property. Replacement geysers should fall in the same category as new geyser installations. But the law has changed. Yes, you can use a non-registered and non-qualified plumber and company. To replace your old burst geyser. There are manufacturer warranties on geysers. Only if the geyser has been, installed correctly. Should a geyser give problems under 5 years old and still be, covered by warranty. The plumber who did the installation should first go out and inspect the geyser.

Example: In all our years of installing geysers, we have only had one geyser fall off of a wall. We explained to the client that his wall was old and did not look up to standard. But he insisted that the geyser must go on the wall so that his kids do not play on it. We agreed, but there was a second option, and that was on the flat roof but 2 meters away. He refused to spend a few Rands more to extend the copper piping. The geyser lasted a little over 2 years on the wall. We got a call from the client saying that his geyser fell off of the wall. Immediately he said it was our bad installation and it was our fault. Long story short, according to the assessor’s report. The wall was old and could not withstand the heavy weight. It was fortunate for both the client and our company that the insurance paid out.a​

Fourways Plumbing Services

Taps & Mixers

We give options to all our clients. We can supply and install a wide variety of taps and mixer taps. Or clients can supply the product and we will do the installation. Some products are hard to find as they’re imported. Some clients need to replace the unit with something else. We try our best to source the units or parts. But it can be difficult as the manufacturer abroad has discontinued the line. The same goes for our local manufacturers. There are new designs every year.


Solar Geysersc & Heat Pumps

All solar geyser and heat pump installations have to be compliants. Clients must demand a PIRB Certificate of Compliance from the installers. Make sure that the company and plumber get registered before dealing with them. If the certificate of compliance cannot get issued. Then the plumber that has installed the solar geyser. Or heat pump has most likely installed it incorrectly, guaranteed. Make sure you contact IOPSA. To make sure that the company you are dealing with has the qualifications. To do these installations.


Toilet Replacements & Repairs

Replacing a toilet is not that difficult, but it depends on how the last one got installed. Most building contractors clearly have their own way of installing toilets. They would either screed the bathroom floor. Install the toilet and even the basin, and then tile the floor. Some building contractors tile the floor. Then hit a hole in the tile where the toilet will get installed. Load the area with cement where the hole got made, and then force the toilet down on to the tiled area. This makes replacing a toilet extremely difficult for a plumber. When replacing a toilet, a plumber needs to let the client know that their existing toilet. Got installed before tilling took place or that their toilet is full of cement. The only means to remove the toilet is by force. Which is to hit it out with a five-pound hammer and chisel and may cause the tiles to break. There is a 50 percent chance that we can save the tile. But a lot of tiles do crack around and under the toilet when we try our best to remove them.


Renovations & Extensions

Renovations and extensions are costly, so make sure that you do them right the first time. Planning where a toilet, shower, and basin would get installed is easy. It would look great, but you also have to work out where the outlet pipes will be leading. Not to mention, if one of those pipes should perish or burst in the future. Tracing the pipe and repairing damage to walls will cost you a fortune. A lot of qualified plumbers think they are designers. But they do know where piping should and should not get installed. Rather, work in conjunction with a plumber to make sure your needs are, met. We have made our clients see wrong from right, and to date, not one of them has been unhappy with our suggestions. Less pipe work means less money spent and fewer repairs in the future. The layout of installations is very important.


Blocked Drains & Sewerage Lines

We use drain machines with springs on major blockages in sewer and storm water drains. Rod plungers where our drain machines prohibit us from reaching. We cannot see where your drains are, blocked over the phone. So it is easier for us to come out to your property at our expense, do an inspection, and then give the client a quote. If the client is happy with the verbal quotation, then unblocking begins. There are times that a plumber will get half way down the drain line with springs. Without getting through the blockage. This means that the drain has collapsed. Part of the drain will then have to get replaced. Roots can cause major problems for drainage pipes. Roots start off as thin as hair and make their way through any small pipe. Fitting, or crack in the pipe, thriving on water and sewer passing through pipelines. Making the roots stronger and thicker. Causing blockages and, in most cases, causing damage to the pipe line. No matter how many times you unblock your sewer lines. Or any underground pipes, once roots find a way into the pipe, there will always be problems. Spending money three times a year on unblocking pipe lines. Ends up costing you more than to replace part of the line.


Burst Geysers

If the plumber finds that the geyser has burst. They will then have to take pictures of the geyser. Record its serial number and send all the required details to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then contact the owner of the property. To make arrangements to replace the geyser. Geyser sizes tha’s permitted to get mounted on a wall are 50, 100, and 150 liters. They are also allowed to get installed in a roof. Including a 200-liter geyser. But must have extra support beams, including all pipe work. Geysers that are 200 liters and larger have to have special brackets to get mounted to a wall. Not having these brackets will result in the geyser falling off the wall, as they are very heavy.



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